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Hitomi.la Review

Hitomi is a manga site with a lot going for it. There are both color and black and white books that you can read for free, whenever you want. The only problem is the amount of ads that you’ll have to deal with. You’ll be redirected to other sites with every click you make. It’s not possible to tell if everyone will get the same ads, but at least one of them is very dangerous. It’s a redirect to a fake ransomware page. It has the seal of the FBI and claims that your computer is locked until you pay a fine. The ad will freeze your browser and, if you don’t think to try restarting it, the whole thing will seem real.

The Doujinshi category has the best hentai on the Hitomi.la site. It’s all created by amateurs who just love to make it. Since it’s not mainstream, you can find things here that you can’t get anywhere else. The only things limiting the creators are their imaginations and you can go along for the ride. It should be your fist stop on the site and you can always check back for the constant updates.
The site works well, if you can get passed the redirects and ads. Anything that you want to read will have to open in a new tab.

The original Hitomi.la will send you directly to a pay site. If you come across the ransomware ad, just take a deep breath and don’t over react. Open up your task manager and close out your browser. You won’t be able to do much of anything else. Whenever you come across something saying that the FBI is locking down your computer, just ask yourself why you have to pay the fine with an iTunes card.

Read anything for free
Doujinshi category is filled with independent books from creators who love manga
Any censorship is pretty light

Redirects for your first few clicks including a fake ransomware ad that can trick you into spending money
No way to rate or comment
Can’t tell if download links actually work

Hitomi.la has some great manga, but the predatory ads might be too much to work through in order to see it. If you want to battle them, the Doujinshi category is a great place to starts. It’s filled with independent books that you can read for free. There’s no way of telling if the download links work. Clicking on them led to a fake ransomware ad that froze the browser. This site definitely isn’t for you if you don’t know how to deal with something like that. If you’re savvy and want some unique manga, then check it out.