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HotScope Reviewed by TheCamDude.com

HotScope is a great site where men and women upload periscope videos of themselves doing all of the things you want to see. It’s incredibly amateur and you’ll never come across a professional video. You can stream anything on the site for free. There are ads to deal with, but not too many. There are no downloads, but you can visit the uploader’s profile page to see everything they have to offer you. The tags are the best way to find the kind of videos that you know you’re going to like. The site is bare bones and does what it does without trying to be flashy.

The best category for porn on HotScope is always going to the Teen videos section. Young girls are always sharing videos of themselves and this is where you get to see the really naughty stuff. You’ll be able to see them showing off their hot bodies, masturbating, playing with other girls and even getting fucked on the side of the road. The possibilities are endless and you get to see it all. You can also choose to check out each girl’s Periscope Page to buy their premium videos. It’s always up to you, though. You don’t have to spend a cent here.

The vast majority of the HotScope periscope videos are shot on cellphones. That means the quality isn’t the best, but it lets you know that it’s always amateur. Sometimes the girls are holding their own phones and sometimes other people are holding them. It never takes anything away from them. Just be ready for the aspect ratios to be off. Most of the people tend to hold them upright instead of turning them on their side. It makes it really easy to watch on your phone, but gets annoying on a computer. It’s worth dealing with to see the videos though. By browsing HotScope, you never know what you’re going to come across.

Tons of hot amateur porn
The Teen Category is filled with young girls who have no limits
The site is easy to use and revolves around the videos

Poor quality across the board
Some ads
Users want to sell premium videos

HotScope is more than worth your time to check out. You can stream anything you want for free. You can visit profile pages to see all of the videos your favorites have to offer. The Teen Category will never let you down. The young girls are hot and always up to experimenting. You’ll have to deal with poor quality, but that’s because it’s all amateur. Most of the videos are also shot on phones. It’s worth dealing with to see the videos. You should definitely check it all out. You won’t want to leave.